Picture Framing

Custom Designed Pictures

Bespoke framing at Saltmarshe is all about choice, peace of mind & DESIGN.
A helping hand by our experienced designers to navigate the many choices available and with great creativity pull all the elements together to provide a suitable design for your budget. Which is why we say bespoke framing is:

“ better through design to be picture perfect for you”

CHOICE – Bespoke framing enables you to present a piece of artwork, or an object, in a manner more suited to your taste. We have a large selection of quality mounts & mouldings to choose from and our experienced designers can advise you on appropriate framing techniques.

Anything and everything can be framed from memorabilia to unusual items such as fossils and teddy bears. If an object has sentimental value to you, why not frame it?


PEACE OF MIND – Just as important, is protection against long-term damage.
Which is why we use conservation (acid free) mount board and conservation techniques as standard practice and stock a range of high-tech specialist picture glass with U.V. and anti-glare properties.


DESIGN – For Saltmarshe ‘design’ is THE most important element. Why not check out our sample portfolio or even better, pop along to our store and see what we can design for you. No obligation.