Why Choose

Because we have a belief in our understanding of our customers, we have values and we have full control of the production from printing to finished presentation..

What we believe:

“At Saltmarshe we understand, when we hand-craft a picture, it is your emotions and memories that we creatively encapsulate to adorn your walls.

Consequently, we take more care with the design and with the little things that make a difference.

Quality in design, materials & service are paramount:

Satisfaction to you, means everything to us”

We have Values:

We value GREAT DESIGN: Design is at the centre of everything we do!

We value INNOVATION in production: There is nothing we cannot achieve, given the appropriate resources.

We value QUALITY: We strive to source the best materials and provide the highest craftmanship, demonstrated through our continual investment in state-of-the-art technology to improve quality and efficiency.